It was the hottest day of the year. Only deranged and desperate people would play cricket in these conditions. RIG’s 2014 team was boosted this year with youthful talent. The BBC XI had clearly been netting in preparation, and had recently taken on the might of music licencing giant PPL. RIG won the toss, and stuck the BBC in. The first few overs were a blur with Beeb runs scored to all areas. Graham Frost (ear-2-ear) and Harry Graham (Whistledown) manfully chased around the outfield and the indie bowlers stuck to their task in the face of an onslaught. Boz Temple-Morris (Holy Mountain) eventually found a worrying line, and Andrew Sewell (b7 media) hit by the yips, regained composure to complete his solitary over. I’m aware that all this technical talk may well go over a lot of people’s heads – just as the ball did in RIG’s first five overs ...


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