RIG Event: "The Perfect Pitch"

Held on the evening of Thursday 12th June, at the Devereux, 20 Devereux Court, London WC2R 3JJ

What lessons can radio producers learn about pitching from other creative industries?

A cross-industry panel of experts chaired by broadcaster and business woman Liz Barclay gave fresh perspectives on generating, developing and presenting ideas - and converting those ideas into commissions. Creatives who teach the art of the pitch and know a good pitch when they hear – or see – offered practical tips to avoid pitfalls, refresh your approach and perfect your technique, both on the page and in person. 

On the panel were pitch-coach to business & media Paul Boross, AKA The Pitch Doctor, Danuta Kean, the publishing analyst & books editor of Mslexia and Mark Clark, who spent 25 years in advertising before becoming a partner in the new business consultancy, JFDI.

Audio from the event can now be accessed on the members-only page: Audio for 'the Perfect Pitch'  *** Please note that due to unavoidable ambient noise this is listening quality rather than broadcast quality but we hope it will be of use to those who could not attend - or just want to re-visit some of the points made

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