Held on the evening of Thursday 12th June, at the Devereux, 20 Devereux Court, London WC2R 3JJ

What lessons can radio producers learn about pitching from other creative industries?

A cross-industry panel of experts chaired by broadcaster and business woman Liz Barclay gave fresh perspectives on generating, developing and presenting ideas - and converting those ideas into commissions. Creatives who teach the art of the pitch and know a good pitch when they hear – or see – offered practical tips to avoid pitfalls, refresh your approach and perfect your technique, both on the page and in person. 

On the panel were pitch-coach to business & media Paul Boross, AKA The Pitch Doctor, Danuta Kean, the publishing analyst & books editor of Mslexia and Mark Clark, who spent 25 years in advertising before becoming a partner in the new business consultancy, JFDI.

Audio from the event can now be accessed on the members-only page: Audio for 'the Perfect Pitch'  *** Please note that due to unavoidable ambient noise this is listening quality rather than broadcast quality but we hope it will be of use to those who could not attend - or just want to re-visit some of the points made

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