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On Wednesday 8th May 2013, RIG presented a panel discussion about three ways to monetise your audio and offers you the chance to quiz some of the key players

*Please note that since this event AudioGO has gone into liquidation *

Jan Paterson from AudioGO outlined their collaboration with RIG in marketing member companies' programmes as paid-for downloads

Peter Curran told us about independent audiobook publisher talkingmusic.com who have developed their own software to retail audio downloads worldwide

Boz Temple-Morris talked about his innovative web project aimed at helping indies to sell their content

plus Mary Kalemkerian, the newly appointed indie liaison for AudioGO was there to answer questions, such as:

How much money can you make? What are the terms of business? Which service suits you best?

It was held at Ye Olde Cock Tavern, 22 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1AA

Wednesday 13th March 2013 saw an evening of wonderful music from

Richard Navarro, Alice Walker & Rory Graham

Stars of the BBC Radio 2 programme:

"Joan Armatrading’s singer songwriters”

Richard Navarro Alice Walker Rory Graham


My Wireless Life: Johnnie Walker
in Conversation with Peter Curran


Clips and stories from the Rock and Roll DJ who's lived the pirate life

Admission is free to member companies, their staff and freelancers

RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


headshot of Johnnie Walker



29-35 Rathbone Place

Central London



cricket match

"June was the wettest, July was just wet. Briefly, the sun shone on the Minor Counties Ground in Regents Park, drying the sodden earth. RIG went into battle as the underdogs after an 8 wicket humiliation in 2011. The BBC team looked younger, fitter and keener to stretch and practise their slip fielding. RIG just stubbed out their fags, won the toss and stuck the oppo' in."

... and that's just the first par of David Prest's lyrical account of RIG's narrow victory over the BBC team, sealed by a towering six from Steve Hewlett with just 5 balls to spare.  For the full story click here


cricket match

BBC 123 (Chauhan 44, Bent 21, Wooland 17, Temple-Morris 5-22)
RIG 125 for 3 (Miles 48 not out, Hewlett 34 not out, Denselow 17, Wooland 2-36). 
RIG win by 7 wickets.

June was the wettest, July was just wet. Briefly, the sun shone on the Minor Counties Ground in Regents Park, drying the sodden earth. RIG went into battle as the underdogs after an 8 wicket humiliation in 2011. The BBC team looked younger, fitter and keener to stretch and practise their slip fielding. RIG just stubbed out their fags, won the toss and stuck the oppo’ in.

Opening bowler Nic Miles (FCW) kept a tight rein on things whilst at the zoo end Boz Temple-Morris (Holy Mountain) provided the breakthrough with a caught and bowled of Philip O’Meara (Radio 3 Broadcast Assistant) in his first over. Temple-Morris has more than a passing semblance to seventies cricketing sex God John Snow (Sussex and England) with the falling-off action, the mop of curls and a languid Byronic attitude. He harried the BBC top order, restricting them to 14 for 3. He picked up the prize scalp of Daniel Miller (Legal and Business Affairs Manager) thanks to a fine catch at backward point by RIG chair Phil Critchlow (TBI Media). Critchlow stood out through a combination of natural authority and immaculate new kit, which, he assured us, had been hand-stitched especially for this match. Wickets continued to fall with Steve Hewlett (The Media Show) providing back of the hand devilment to get rid of a threatening-looking Husain Husaini (Head of Programmes, BBC Asian Network) and RIG skipper David Prest (Whistledown), making balls talk in languages that have long since been forgotten, managed to clean bowl Mark Weekes (Divisional Purchasing Advisor).

Salford supremo Ian Bent (Head of A+M North) looked snug enough at the crease, but the BBC side were clearly suffering the loss of last year’s star turn - CR3 Roger Wright, called up on prom-watch. Having struggled to 51 for 6 at the half way mark, their captain Michael Davis (Head of Finance), a man who is far too used to holding aces up sleeves, sent in secret weapon Nishal Chauhan (BBC Asian Network) at number 8. Here was a pinch hitting talent. The boundary was well-peppered, and previously relaxed RIG fielders suddenly had to run for their money. Honourable mention to the two trans-atlantics in the RIG team - Brian Hall (Poorly Donkey) who had learnt to bat from YouTube the night before and Colin McNulty (Whistledown) who asked awkward questions about offence and defence. Both learnt to use every part of their anatomy to stop a hard ball hit with force. Roger Bolton (Feedback) did much the same – with a pitch perfect display behind the timbers.

With overs ticking away, Chris Williamson (London Door) and David Smith (Loftus) tightened it down, but not before Chauhan (44) and team-mate Ben Woolland (R3 Network Manager) with 17 not out had put on 67 for the 7th wicket. In the penultimate over, (Saint) Temple-Morris returned to the attack and tempted Chauhan into lofting a drive which Prest pouched with un-nerving casual-ness at Long-Off. Temple-Morris ended with 5 for 22 off his 4 overs.

The BBC’s total of 123 looked a good score, but with a drying outfield and increasingly claggy bowlers run ups, RIG had a confident ring. They started solidly. Several anxious spectators mis-interpreted that solidity for torpor, as Nic Miles (FCW) and Anthony Denselow (100 Objects) started to occupy rather than own the crease. Still, RIG was up with the rate, and the high command was happy. The steadfast Denselow was eventually out for 17 with the total on 54 – but this was the 11th over, and it was time to get a shift on.

Wile E. Davis still had more trump cards secreted about his person. Seasoned performers Travis Walby (Unit Assistant, 1 and 1 Extra) and the returning Rob Kirkham (Head of Copyright Contracting) came into the attack, and looked like de-stabilising RIG’s plan. Temple-Morris followed by Smith inexplicably went for ducks, the latter the victim of some sharp fielding by Tom Guest (Commercial, Legal and Business Affairs Exec). Miles supplied steel, but somehow kept losing the strike. No matter - enter Steve Hewlett. Having taken on News International, Baroness Buscombe and the Royal family in his time, a run chase of 8 an over with 6 overs to go was something of a Scooby-snack challenge. Hewlett indulged himself mightily. One over of Michael Davis’s normally reliable medium pace was dispatched for 13, as the Hewlett-zer sent three of Davis’ best efforts high over the leg side boundary.

Davis seemed rattled – having already had a chance put down in the second over, and had runs lost thanks to an alleged wicket-keeping blunder which is currently in the hands of his lawyers. But there was still drama in this match, and Woolland (2-36) with his nagging length, proved difficult to get away at the death. Miles, advancing on a fifty, was tucked under Hewlett’s wing as the Harpenden 5ths skipper faced the final over from Walby. Hewlett was in no nonsense mode. Rather than snaffling singles, here was a man aiming to finish it in one blow. He did. Walby bowled only slightly short of a length, Hewlett waited, waited, waited a bit more, and then hoiked the ball round and high over the mid-wicket boundary for 6. This was a barn-stormer finish, and RIG modestly, but rightly, celebrated a seven wicket win over the BBC with just 5 balls to spare. Man of the Match was Boz Temple-Morris.

This was a good cricket day and the trophy, now named the Greig Morrison cup in memory of the late BBC Senior Business and Legal Affairs Manager, was handed over in a nearby hostelry. Thanks to Katrina Fallon and Kevin Dawson and the BBC crew for supplying picnic and beverages, to Michael Davis for over-lording the whole thing, and to Jessie Levene and Fiona Mutale for co-ordinating an equally compelling rounders challenge on the neighbouring field.


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