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Events organised by the Events sub-ctte, normally through RIG Events Ltd.  This archive lists all past articles in this category, as published - so they may be written in present or future tense even if the events are now long past.  

The archive does not include past events staged under the RIGtrain banner - for those please go to the RIGtrain website.

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This year’s RIG AGM will feature some of the most important names in our industry:there will be an update on Audible's commissioning plans from its Director of Original Content, Steve Carsey; and an evaluation of the threats and opportunities facing indies, with radio futurologist James Cridland

Helen Boaden speakingAnd most significantly, Helen Boaden, Director of BBC Radio, will, for the first time, be publicly outlining plans for a major change in the way the BBC commissions radio programmes, as part of Tony Hall’s ‘Compete or Compare’ initiative, potentially increasing the opportunities for independent companies - unprecedented developments for the production sector. 

The RIG AGM is on Thursday 25th June, starting at 6.00pm [doors open 5.30 pm] in the Park Crescent Conference Centre, 229 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN. Anyone from a RIG member company is welcome to attend, although only one representative from each full member company can vote on motions (associates are also welcome, but have no vote). 

Email Kim Mason: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

Tuesday 4th November sees the launch of "RIGtrain" a wide ranging programme of inexpensive specialist training courses for those working in Radio and Audio in England*.    The aim is to develop the skills required to grow the independent production sector and support freelancers and staff who would otherwise not have access to this type of training. The project is supported by Creative Skillset and has been partly supported by HM Government with Employer Ownership funding

The first event will be a briefing for all RIG members and associates interested in attending and/or providing training days.  It will be held at the London premises of Creative Skillset and more details can be found at www.rigtrain.co.uk - where places can be reserved (and booking is essential).

'How to find the perfect voice'

Producers, artists and casting agents share inside tips. Whether you’re a producer looking for voice overs and readers, a would be voice-over performer or wanting to know more about the industry - this is the night for you.

Drinks, food and networking.

When: Wednesday 1st October 2014
Time: 6pm
Venue: De Lane Lea Studios, 75 Dean Street, London W1D 3PU

Admission is free but places are limited
RSVP  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As the "leading provider of premium digital audio entertainment on the internet" Audible offers customers "a new way to enhance and enrich their lives every day".  Audible says its content includes more than 100,000 audio programs from more than 1,800 content producers is digitally downloaded, and played back on over 500 popular devices. 

The Audible team are hosting a presentation at the Institute for Contemporary Arts on Wednesday afternoon, 8th October, revealing how Audible will be commissioning original audio content (drama, documentaries, features, comedy, entertainment formats etc.) in 2015. This will include commissioning priorities, immediate opportunities, longer term needs and the various publishing routes open to independent producers.

Booking has now closed for this event - if you have any queries about it please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


It was the hottest day of the year. Only deranged and desperate people would play cricket in these conditions. RIG’s 2014 team was boosted this year with youthful talent. The BBC XI had clearly been netting in preparation, and had recently taken on the might of music licencing giant PPL. RIG won the toss, and stuck the BBC in. The first few overs were a blur with Beeb runs scored to all areas. Graham Frost (ear-2-ear) and Harry Graham (Whistledown) manfully chased around the outfield and the indie bowlers stuck to their task in the face of an onslaught. Boz Temple-Morris (Holy Mountain) eventually found a worrying line, and Andrew Sewell (b7 media) hit by the yips, regained composure to complete his solitary over. I’m aware that all this technical talk may well go over a lot of people’s heads – just as the ball did in RIG’s first five overs ...

cricket teams and scoreboard

An arrangement had been made whereby any batsman scoring 50 should retire. Fortunately, BBC opener Leo Pinnock reached the milestone within 7 overs, and much to RIG’s relief left the field. David Prest (Whistledown) snapped up a couple of wickets before the first drinks interval, and Roger Bolton (Feedback) uncharitably stumped a clearly confused Kathryn Richardson, Head of Legal for Rights and Business Affairs. There was a suggestion that a cunning loophole could be exploited to re –instate her, but listener’s champion Roger Bolton made it clear that “out means out”.

At this point, RIG unveiled their secret weapon. Fortunately no-one on the BBC’s team seemed to recognise Ric Bailey of BBC Editorial Policy wearing the RIG team colours. Bailey proved to be a worrying quick bowler with flashes of fellow Lancastrian Brian Statham. In between taking a conference call with the BBC Trust, Ric managed to take a few wickets, and was given good support by Des Shaw (Ten Alps) who had a frightening line in grenade-throwing. Paul Anderson (USP) proved an effective fill towards the end of the innings, but the BBC had still amassed a formidable total of 165 in their 20 overs. There was good support batting from Ben Batson, Andy Taylor and Tom Guest, and a golden duck for Mark Weekes, who seemed blissfully unaware of the circumstances surrounding his “bowled through the gate” dismissal.

More factor 50 was applied during the late lunch. The required run rate was 8.3, and there was little chance of a Duckworth-Lewis rain intervention. RIG’s openers Bailey and Bolton took the stand. Three overs in, Bolton fell LBW to a dubious decision (at least in his mind).  After a hesitant start, Bailey started to play a more expansive game. Shaw and a wristy but rusty Anthony Denselow (Whistledown) provided brief supporting cameos.

Paul Anderson looked good, but succumbed to a snorter whilst Michael Davis (formerly BBC now a firm RIG-ite) played the supporting role to Bailey. Davis’ speciality was the crashing straight drive. For a few overs, Bailey and Davis looked like they might start to make advances on the BBC target, but when Bailey reached his 50 and had to retire, things started to stall again. Davis briefly rose to the occasion with some more firm blows, before mis-judging a sit up and beg medium pacer to mid-on.

Prest and Graham saw RIG past the century mark, but the loss of more wickets piled on the pressure. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. But where was RIG’s Number 11 Graham Frost?  Nowhere to be seen (actually – he had joined the nearby Softball match and was making them squeal). In Frost’s absence, the BBC team gallantly allowed retiree Bailey to return to the crease, and the final two overs were a veritable slug-fest. However it was not to be. The BBC held their nerve, and RIG were short of runs – the tank ran empty on 111 for 8.  People who like statistics will tell you that the BBC won by 54 runs. A more charitable interpretation is to say RIG were a few short.  But praise where praise is due. On the BBC side there was sharp bowling from Rob Kirkham, Ben Collis, Ben James, Andy Taylor and Dan Miller, and some tidy fielding too.

The rounders match was enthusiastic but inconclusive with a mingling of BBC and Indie folk. Ultimately, cricket was the winner, and the action moved to the Queen’s Head and Artichoke for the presentations and award of players of the match to Ric Bailey and Leo Pinnock. Special mention must go to boundary hosts Fiona Mutale, Karl Batterbee, Gabi Fattal and Katrina Fallon for putting on a great spread, and the pitch will be provisionally booked for July 2015. Good luck everyone.

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