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 RIG is proud to offer its members a bespoke Legal Services Scheme, through our retained Counsel, Paul March, proprietor of Marchy Management

* Why spend hours updating your contracts?

* Why spend £250-350 per hour for basic legal advice?

* Why spend time explaining standard contract terms with agents?

* Why put up with legal advice from lawyers with no broadcast experience?

Paid-up members of the Radio Independents Group have FREE MEMBERSHIP of the RIG Legal Services Scheme and need not be concerned with the issues outlined above. RIG retains Paul to provide our members with access to high-quality broadcast-experienced legal advice - this is free for 'first-line' advice and some assistance.  For more extensive work, or litigation, Paul can advise on suitably-qualified legal firms.

As well as quality advice, RIG provides the first ever industry standard draft contracts for engaging artists, producers etc. These contracts recognise the unique requirements of the independent producer when dealing with talent. Currently there are eight standard contracts available to Legal Scheme members via the Members-Only area of this website (access to logged-in members only):

* Producer

* Presenter

* Artist (e.g. actor)

* Writer

* Musician

* Author

* Reporter

* Researcher

It is intended to offer two further contracts in due course:

* Composer

* Executive Producer

These RIG standard contracts have now been available and in regular use for several years. They were road tested in negotiations with the major talent bodies and with selected agents, and were originally drafted, in consultation with RIG, by the Media and Intellectual Property department of the RIG solicitors Hill Dickinson. They are maintained and updated by Paul March.

Each contract comes with full explanatory notes, which are a producers brief to the issues involved in the document, including where appropriate suggestions how you can tailor it to improve your situation. 

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Contact information: Will Jackson, Managing Director   Kim Mason, Administrator