Please find on this page the result of the RIG Business Census which was conducted over winter 2014-2015.

A total of 85 indie audio-led production companies responded, which gave us a good picture of the sector as it stands. The results were analysed by respected company Enders Analysis, and show that we continue to be a sector made up of diverse companies based all around the UK, and that those companies are undertaking an increasingly wide range of projects.

The documents included here are the main Census results, plus an additional short report, mainly concerning the Asian Network, plus a report to the RIG Board from Enders Analysis, which we are making public and which concurs with RIG that there is the capacity and expertise in the sector to allow for a far greater competition for ideas introduced by BBC Radio.

If you have any questions about the RIG Business Census, do please contact Will Jackson or Tim Wilson to discuss.


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Contact information: Will Jackson, Managing Director   Kim Mason, Administrator