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RIG and Diversity

RIG supports broad approach to the definition of diversity, to include age, social class and location within the UK, as well as other important elements such as gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disability.

RIG is pleased to work with the BBC on the implementation of its Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. Find out more about the BBC's strategy by clicking here

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Indies on Air this week

Indie programmes are on the radio at home and abroad throughout this week, including these 99, some of which are featured in BBC Radio's highlights of the week from

Somethin’ Else 19, This Is Distorted 10, 7digital 9, Folded Wing 9, Wisebuddah 9, TBI Media 8, We Are Grape 5, Whistledown 5, Reduced Listening 4, The Noisehouse 4, Ping Productions 3, Catherine Bailey Productions 2, Ora et Labora 2, Atlantic Public Media, Avalon TV, Cast Iron Radio, Falcon Picture Group, Giddy Goat, Loftus Media, Made in Manchester, Sparklab Productions, The Foghorn Company  and Wire Free

Click here for more details

RIG Skills Training

RIGtrain is a wide ranging programme of inexpensive specialist training courses and free masterclasses for adults working in Radio and Audio in England*.   It is an initiative of RIG, originally supported by Creative Skillset and partly by HM Government with 'Employer Ownership' grant-aid, now self-funding. More details at or to join the RIGtrain mailing list email

 The new BBC Charter, now in operation, is accompanied by a Framework Agreement which contains detail on the BBC’s responsibilities. 

On radio production, the new Agreement contains the requirements that the BBC must make a minimum 60% of ‘relevant’ hours (i.e. non-news and news-related current affairs, repeats etc.) open to competition from both in-house and indie producers.

This recognises the independent sector’s passion for, and commitment to, ensuring that BBC radio is strong and fit for the future. At the heart of RIG’s campaign on Charter Review was support for the BBC, its independence and public service remit.

There has been a certain amount of uncertainty about what this means and we are therefore providing a Q & A in response. In particular RIG is seeking to make clear that these proposals are fair and do not represent ‘privatisation’, ‘outsourcing’ or a threat to the high quality of BBC Radio, indeed we argue they will help to increase the range and diversity of the content available on those services.

 Please click here for the full FAQs, on this website, or click here to download the FAQs as a pdf 



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